James Hook Company

2005 to 2008

Established in 1925 in Boston, Massachusetts, the James Hook Lobster Company opened its doors on Northern Avenue, right across the street from the city’s financial district. James Hook began by selling clams and eventually sold lobsters, allowing him to establish his business, and build it from the ground up. James Hook Company would become the first wholesale lobster market in Boston. The Hook family revolutionized their industry by importing lobsters from Canada and Maine, and were the first to sell cold water lobsters in Florida. Three generations later, the Hook family preserved and maintained their legacy throughout the shifting markets, naming each generation after the other, James, Edward, and Al Hook.

Ed Hook in His Office

Chop Room

Company Desk and Telephone

Al Hook at His Desk

Al Hook Jr., the Next Generation

Juan Unpacking Lobsters

Customer Display Case

Office Keys

Worker's Boots

Workers Watching the Fire

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