2014 to 2016

Haymarket, Boston’s centuries-old open-air market, has weathered economic downturns, the advent of the supermarket, and massive construction projects from the Central Artery to the Big Dig. The market is a reflection of the city’s changing population, and today includes Halal butchers, artisanal cheesemongers, Cambodian fruit sellers, and workers from South America and Asia.

Haymarket, The Soul of the City presents photographic documentation, as well as videos featuring the sights, sounds, and voices of Haymarket that reflect the stories of long-time vendors and more recent immigrants who have created a diverse cross-section of cultures at the site. This body of work documents the market’s history, special holiday foods, and specific challenges facing the market today.

This project was a collaboration of Historic New England, the Haymarket Pushcart Association (HPA), and photographer Justin H. Goodstein.

Ariel View of Hanover Street facing the North End

Vendors Setting up Tents on Blackstone Street, Early a.m.

Customers Shop on a Brisk Winter Day

Fresh Cherries

Joey O Selling Cherries

Buying Produce

Sal Selling Strawberries

Fishy Joe Selling Cherrystones

Hassan at His Stand

Puritan Beef Co., Blackstone Street

Inside of the Produce Stands on Blackstone Street

Portrait of a Haymarket Worker

Otto and Avril, Blackstone Street

Cherrystones, Hanover Street

Woman Carrying Produce, Blackstone Street

Customers Carrying Produce, Blackstone Street

Young Man Selling, Blackstone and Hanover Street

Johnathan, Winter on Blackstone Street

Snow Scene looking Towards Government Center, Hanover Street

After the Market, Blackstone Street

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