East Somerville Project

2010 to 2011

The East Somerville Project documents the rich local history and ever changing cultural identity of the city. This body of work presents how the city has been shaped over many generations, by its people, architecture shops, streets, and businesses. East Somerville has new and old businesses opening and closing each day, Italian, Irish and Spanish peoples navigate, move in, move out and interact with one another throughout this process. These photographs exhibit unique traces from each transition in time, from the façades of the buildings, to the faces of the people exploring the streets. Choosing a specific area, the documentation is captured topographically, within the bounds of Sullivan Station, Washington Street, Broadway, Route 93 and Monsignor McGrath Highway, highlighting the strong focus on this specific part of the city. This project will be culturally significant as time goes on, using traditional techniques to form a contemporary, archival documentation of the city. Generations to come will be able to reference and research this body of work and compare it to other historical works that have also documented the city.

Schraffts Building, Sullivan Square

Broadway Street from Luisberg Place

Austin Street and Route 93

Laundry Day, Broadway Street

Man and Son, Broadway Street

Family Stroll, Broadway Street

Father and Daughter, Franklin Street

Man on Washington Street

Broadway Street

Storefront, Broadway Street

Reenactment, Pearl Street

Shadows, Allston Street

Landscape from Allston Street

Orange Line, Sullivan Square

Seated Man

Old Fashioned, Sullivan Station

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