Chronicles Project #21

Orange Line, Boston, MA

Ordinarily I don’t like to photograph people on trains, but there was something about this man that drew me in to make the image. 

He conveys a feeling we all know too well, or have seen repeatedly in the city.

The image is somber and bittersweet. 

The hat-mask. 

The man, asleep. 

The begging question: where is he going? Does he even know?

Chronicles Project #18

House, South Shore, MA

This must have been taken on a weekend trip somewhere in the South Shore. What I love about this photograph is the warm light falling on this summer vacation home, with the small boat just to the right of the split frame.

You can almost smell the South Shore ocean air, low tide, and deep fried clams.

Chronicles Project #15

Security Desk, Cambridge, MA

Sometimes I passed a space that was irresistible. This was one of those spaces. I feel that Somehow the 70’s aesthetic will never go out of style and will continue to exist in spaces like these.

Public housing, in particular, will be a strong-hold for this aesthetic.

At least until it no longer is.

What will this photograph look like 100 years from now?

Chronicles Project #13

Christopher, Provincetown, MA

Growing up, I would spend long summers in Provincetown. Those times hold some of my fondest memories. Each year we would go to Christopher’s publishing party. One year, I brought my Leica.

This photograph evokes deep emotion for me, reminding me of the artistic and deeply personal inspiration I encountered during this time in my life.

The artist colony, the writers, the poets, the creators. 

The slack of Provincetown time.

Long summer days, followed by warm exhibitions at night.

Christophers movement.

The paintings behind, simultaneously in motion, and in stillness.

This is the Provincetown I remember.

Chronicles Project #12

Interior, Cambridge, MA

The interior spaces I came across while on the clock as a medicine delivery man varied. This space was most likely inside of one the ‘nicer’ assisted living homes. You learn quickly who the have and have-not’s are.

This would be a ‘have.’

There will likely be an example of a ‘have-not’ featured in this project.

All I will say is that from what I have seen, one is privileged to retire with:

1. Money

2. Family

Without these two things, it can be a real struggle.

Chronicles Project #10

Andy’s, Cambridge, MA

Early mornings at Andy’s will always recall fond memories for me. Whether it was breakfast with a girlfriend, bonding time with a sibling, or an after party meet up amongst friends, the light struck the table in a way that seemed to always invite warm conversation.

It was a sacred place of honest conversation, of laughter, for secrets.

At the end, there was always a scattered assortment of items that told its own story.

I can fall into this moment forever. The rendering of sharpness by the lens, combined with the romantic aperture of the Leica.

This is photography at its very best.

Chronicles Project #9

Day at the Beach, Unknown Location, MA

I went through this roll of film, thinking of where this image may have been made to realize: does it really matter? When I look at this photograph, it reminds me of Lee Friedlander’s 1960’s Self Portraits. I placed myself within the frame of the scene, similar to how Friedlander did.

There are some nice compositional elements in play here. The geometry of the shadows. The small narratives playing out in each element of the image.

This was most likely taken somewhere in Massachusetts.

Chronicles Project #8

Sit-up, Cambridge, MA

To me, this image speaks to the dynamic my brother and I have always shared. He is of a fit stature, and I… Take the photographs. I like to think that we are both good at these things. This moment brings the two together in a surprising way.

The man in front of the camera, the man behind the camera.

There is a sincere connection present between the two.

Chronicles Project #7

CVS, Cambridge, MA

This moment, captured while exiting CVS was an exciting development to the portfolio. The composition of the young man, existing in the segmented geometric space, the other man to the left, existing in his own space.

There is tension, there is attitude, there is the unknown and unaware.

Chronicles Project #5

Baby Shower, Dorchester, MA

I attended a Dominican baby shower some time in my early 20’s as a guest of a friend. This moment played out in front of my lens, showing interesting decorative and moving-elements that describe the scene in a lovely and enticing way.

There is something about how the medium of black and white film visually captures a party scene. 

The moment becomes quiet. the moment becomes powerful. The children play.

Chronicles Project #2

Unknown Woman, Somerville, MA

During this time, I worked for a pharmacy. I delivered medicine to customers, traveling to dozens of low-income and retirement communities. Often times, there were people occupying these spaces, surrounded by the Interior: an entryway, a long corridor. Holiday or ephemeral decor adorned these spaces, carrying a generation-specific tone, from a different period in time.

The Unknown Woman: Moments passed quickly on my shift, often times too quick to mark a memory-record. The entrances and hallways in these homes looked similar. When encountering twenty-plus of these spaces in a day, it scrambled the senses. Each appeared the same. 

This photograph captures both: the Unknown Woman and the interior. Both merge, to describe a moment, from a different time… Captured in the present.

Chronicles Project Introduction

Darmstadt, Germany, DE

Sometime during the summer of the early two-thousands I was browsing Craigslist for a 35mm Leica camera. As luck would have it, the post appeared: “Leica CL - $300 - Arlington, MA” I met a man in a cafe, looked over the small rangefinder camera, and agreed to make the purchase.

Still in my early image maker days, the world around me was fresh and interesting. I carried the Leica on and off for a number of years, documenting the people and places I encountered.

As a result, I now possess a small bag containing roughly 40+ rolls of film. These rolls of film will be processed and scanned, and I will begin to post weekly images from the trove.

Each blog post will be an attempt to reconstruct these memories, people, and places.

The first feature image is taken in Darmstadt, Germany. Sometime during a family visit. I apparently met this young man and he posed. I do not recall who this person is, or exactly where it was taken.

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